In today’s world, eyes dance around a newssfeed faster than a dog running in circles. What makes the eye pause for but a moment in time? Engaging content and imagery that can hold it’s own.

Sifting through the fluff of useless content and pixelated images is a pain in our behinds. You’re lucky to keep a viewer for even two seconds — a way with words and a keen eye for design and composition can go a long way.

Reaching that peak of concise yet endearingly creative content creation can be a hell of a hike. We can offer this advice for the winded and weary: asking for directions along the way is never a bad thing, nor is taking a water break and soaking in the scenery — just don’t stop. Though the idea of a true end may be blurred, you’re making progress as long as the air continues to thin. Keep moving, keep making, and please keep it real.