Why our work is at the forefront of the D&I dialogue

By Hailey Stangebye

At Warhol & WALL ST., we pride ourselves on fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. That not only applies to our internal culture, but to the creative collateral that we produce to share throughout our community (and the world). We firmly believe that a more diverse and inclusive community leads to better outcomes across every determinant of success.

But what is diversity and inclusion? What does it look like? How is it defined? At what point does an office become diverse? What does it take to be truly inclusive?

We tackle these complex questions every day. Through thoughtful dialogue, we’ve learned that diversity is so much more than fulfilling racial and ethnic quotas. It’s about bridging the gap between different cultures, different genders, different sexual orientations and different generations.

Stay tuned because, over the next few weeks, we’ll explore how our work has helped support diversity and inclusion initiatives for a wide array of clients. If you’d like to join the conversation and tell us what diversity and inclusion means to you, then reach out. We’d love to chat.