Using D&I to bring the Gay Softball World Series to Columbus

By Hailey Stangebye

Diversity and inclusion videos can be a great way to attract talent and opportunity. That was the case for our work with the Columbus Lesbian Gay Softball Association (CLGSA). CLGSA approached us with a very specific goal for their video: to convince the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) to host the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) in Columbus.

With this in mind, we developed a narrative that speaks to that goal. We brought our creative production team out onto the softball field to capture CLGSA as they practiced. Then, we interviewed the members and asked them to share why softball is such an important part of their lives and their community.

After combing through the content, we found a common thread: everyone has a softball story.

After combing through the content, we found a common thread: everyone has a softball story. For this community, softball is an outlet for self expression and identification. It’s a safe space to find friends and to build families. In short, it’s so much more than a game.

Columbus Lesbian and Gay Softball Association (CLGSA) Bid Video from Warhol & WALL ST. on Vimeo.

We found that the most compelling narrative was the ways in which softball brought this community together. Best of all, our strategy paid off. After seeing the video that we created, NAGAAA awarded the location of the 2020 GSWS to Columbus! The GSWS engages more than 225 teams with more than 5,000 participants from 48 city leagues across the United States and Canada. As such, hosting the GSWS is a huge win for Columbus.

We’re so proud that our D&I videography helped create this opportunity within our city. If you want to help foster diversity and inclusion opportunities for a community that you love, then reach out. We have the experience and passion to bring your project to fruition.