Good Food Here is a statewide initiative led by the Creating Healthy Communities program through the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to help make healthy foods affordable and accessible in food deserts and areas without access to full-service grocery stores. Good Food Here stores stock fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods, such as whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, and low-calorie or low-sodium snacks.

Excitingly, the Good Food Here program was granted funding to expand to food pantries, vending machines, employee cafeterias/cafes, and special healthy checkout lanes at local and chain grocery stores and locations around Ohio.

Warhol & Wall ST. was tasked with bringing creative life to their existing collateral and making healthy foods more attractive within these locations. Food is beautiful, and food presentation is art and art inspires. Why not bring the color and beauty of healthy foods to retail grocery print, but designed for these facilities?

In cut-through style, W&W engaged our C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E. Treatment to help our clients re-imagine the Good Food Here collateral to feel like an awesome shopping experience at [insert your favorite store]; except this was your favorite food pantry, workplace cafeteria, vending machine, and new healthy checkout lane somewhere around Ohio.

Check out the recap and ask our clients about their Wow results.

How We Cut Through:


  • Brand Re-Design & Multi-format Collateral Extension
  • Healthy Food Guideline Toolkit
  • Photography
  • Typography (Food Typography)
  • Print Fulfillment & Distribution


  • Success Stories Stakeholders Engagement Campaign
  • Focus Groups and Community Engagement Strategies


  • Vendor’s Healthy Food Mobile App

Ohio Department of Health

Every product that leaves our doors is a work of art. We always strive for creative that makes people stop and say…WHOA!

ClientOhio Department of Health (ODH)ServicesArt Direction, Design, Photography, Stakeholder Engagement, Print FulfillmentYear2016