When we set out to create the ArtXFitness Design Challenge we knew that we were embarking on something special. What we didn’t realize was the potential that would be exposed through this challenge.

By giving a platform for designers, architects, artists, and fitness experts to challenge themselves and work together, we witnessed the power of collaboration on another level.

The groups worked together seamlessly because each had a distinct point of view and their opinions were respected as experts in their fields. The results were some of the most innovative designs and approaches to public art and how it can be functional for fitness, relaxation, and engagement.

Having Kaufman Development as a partner also allowed us to have the perfect canvas for this project. The 500 W. Broad St. development Kaufman has designed in conjunction with NBBJ is a reflection of how architecture and art can blend in such creative ways. Our teams were excited to add something special to that canvas.

This isn’t the last time you will see something this special happen, stay tuned for more experiences like these to take place in the near future. We are just beginning to push the envelope on collaborative innovation while showcasing the talent that is Columbus.

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