We won an ADDY!

By Hailey Stangebye

We are so excited to share that we won a Silver ADDY in experiential events for our Harlem Renaissance campaign!

This campaign started with a simple idea: Why don’t we use the 100th anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance as an opportunity to celebrate black art in Columbus? We took that seed of an idea and nurtured it into a city-wide movement that tells the history of the Harlem Renaissance in Columbus, while simultaneously supporting our local, black artists with platforms for expression.

We produced award-winning, grassroots events that uplifted local, black artists and celebrated this city’s culture. From gallery shows and murals, to live performances and documentary premieres, the Harlem Renaissance campaign functioned as safe space for creativity, expression and vulnerability.

The Harlem Renaissance Experience at Gallery Hop from Warhol & WALL ST. on Vimeo.

We are so proud of every experience and piece of creative we created to celebrate the anniversary of the Harlem Renaissance in our home town. The most exciting part about this campaign is that it will never truly end. The new murals, friendships and forms of inspiration that were forged in this celebration will continue to shape Columbus for the better.

That’s definitely something worth celebrating. #cbusharlem100