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Why To Invest In Social Currency

How much do you value social currency?  If you don’t value it, haven’t heard of it, or haven’t really taken the time to think about it, then this thought is definitely for you. We live in a day and time in which material things mean less and less and being connected, influential, and impactful means more and more. Social media and technology have connected us in a way that has opened up our world to new experiences and communication more than we ever imagined.

One result of that is the emergence of a new social currency.  Social currency is a concept based on a form of social capital and focuses on reciprocal rewards from social media. From social movements to social influence, to just downright bragging about where you have been and what you have done, these are representative of the growth of social currency.  Your company, organization, movement, or program could be impacted by or could impact social currency. Either way, keeping social currency in mind will help you make better decisions. Here are some great tips for social currency marketing, check it out!